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Music of the Quartet "SKAZ"

Video of the Quartet "SKAZ"

One of VARIANT of the program of Quartet "SKAZ" in 2 parts:


"Auld Lang Syne" ( melody ) Popular Christmas Song

1. "Favn" Royal waltz, Vasiliy Andreev

2. "Darning troika tears along..." Russian national melody rushes (music)

3. Hungarian dance № 5 I.Brams (video)

4. "Jypsy Song and Dance" from opera "Karmen", J.Bize

5. "Eternally" music from a film "Lights of a stage", Charles Chaplin

6. Original Ragtime, Scott Joplin

7. "Kumushki" Russian folk tune

8. "I met You" the Ancient Russian romance

9. "Soldier's song" On themes of ancient comic soldier's melodies

10. A melody of island of Goa

11. "Lezginka" the Georgian national dance (music)

12. "Feelings" Albert Morris (music)

13. "Czardas" V.Monti (video)

14. "Malaguena" Ernesto Lekuona (video)

15. "Bayushki, bayu" the Ancient Russian romance ( Vocal )

16. "Guitar" Romance ( Vocal ) (music)

17. "Sabre dance" from ballet "Gayane", composer Aram Khachaturian (music)

18. "Ohotniy riad" - old Moscow picture, I.Tamarin


The second part

1. Marche, V. Andreev

2. "Spanish dance", A. Glazunov

3. "La paloma" S.Irradier (music)

4. "Jingl Bells"

5. "Doctor Jivago" the Waltz from a film (video)

6. Gallop, I. Tamarin

7. Pol'ka, I. Tamarin

8. "Gay goat " a comic Russian national melody (music)

9. "Ah, Samara - small town" a popular Russian national melody (music)

10. "Nice week" Russian national melody in style disco (music)

11. "Tritsch-Tratsch" pol'ka I.Shtraus (video)

12. "Shut up, melancholy…" the Ancient Russian romance ( Vocal )

13. "Campanula" the Ancient Russian romance ( Vocal ) (music)

14. "Podruzhka moya" Russian national melody in style of the Quartet "SKAZ" (video)

15. "Kalinka" Russian national melody

16. "Katyusha" M.Blanter ( Vocal ) (video)


It yet everything, our repertoire is much wider. The program of Quartet "SKAZ" - popular classical music, original compositions and arrangement of russian national melodies, melodies of countries of the world, russian city romances, ragtimes...

Music of the Quartet "SKAZ"

Video of the Quartet "SKAZ"


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